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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 22

AHRI report No.22


Survey and Control of Scabies of rabbits in Taiwan


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Si. Liaw fl’J{. YangFC.Y. FeiFM.H. Yang

The eqidentiologv of Scabies of rabbits in Yunlin and chang-hua was done.
in this sun’vev. The morbidity was 12% (3.000 25.000). Sarcoptes scabiei (2%),
Psorptes (7%) and Otodectes Cvnotis(3%) were isolated and identified, Experimental infection was done successfully 26-29 days Postinoculation, 2(E and G drugs treated 2 times during 10 days) of 7 Predated drugs were more effective than others. E drug was cheaper about 13 times than G drug


rabbits ,F ScabiesFE drug