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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 22

AHRI report No.22


Improvement of The Techniques on Pseudorabies Inactivated Vaccine Production Based on Adjuvant Selection


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author M.H. JongFt.H. LiuFIP. ChanFT1. Chiou;FC.W. Tseng

Several pseudorabies (PR) inactivated vaccines were prepared by incorporting non-concentrated or concentrated PR viral suspension into mineral oil or DEAE-Dextran. The intensity. persistency, and protective efficiency of each vaccine and two imported vaccines ‘vere evaluated in 4- week-old pigs, sows, and rabbits. Results indicated that serum neutralizing antibody titer if those pigs which were vaccinated with concentrated viral suspension and mineral oh reached 1:50.7 (GMT) at two weeks post the second vaccination (PVW 4). and maintain the titer of 1:12.7 till PVW 12. The vaccine also showed the best protective efficiency in rabbits. All vaccines did not induce any side-reactions in antibody free sows. However, the vaccine of concentrated and DEAE-Dextran induced the hi?hest titer (130) in sows. Dry M. tuberculosis H37Ra could not enhance the humoral antibody response in pigs, no matter it was in mineral oil orinDEAE-Dextran. But, the effects of the bacterium on the cellular immunity could not be analysed by the limitation of equipments


Pseudorabies Inactivated F Several pseudorabies F Vaccine Production