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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 3

AHRI report No.03


Studies on Production of Dried Tissue Cultured Hog Cholera Vaccine (I) Production of low HGV LOA strain Vaccine and measurement of HCV by END method


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author M.K. WangJ.Y, Liou$.T. Yeh;Y,S, UuS,C. LS.C, Cheng

1 .me immunizing value of Hog Cholera WA strain Vaccine is highly Prcduc&, The vaccines have same result lretwcen the effective dc6e in sdne and the measuring valueinvifrornethcd(END method),

2.The bovine serum used for tissue cultured had to ke neutralizing antibody negative. BK cell of two Grade culture could Ire obtaind, but BT cell couldn’t

3.The neutralizing antibody coildnt ke deteced aftr 7th day of inctug with tissue oiltured Hog Cholera WA stain Vaccine in sviine It was observed a&r the 10th day and the highest pint at the 3rd week and could against challenged with Virulent Hog Cholera virus ALD strain.

4.Stains of ALD, WA and nature were detected by END methc4 but the lapintl stain wasnfl


Hog Cholera Vaccine; HGV WA stain VaccineEND method