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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 10

AHRI report No.10


The Field test of Lapinized Hog Cholera Vaccine lyophilized with Modified Medium

Department Taiwan Animal H1th Reseaxch Institu
Author N.J Li

Sen for the routine Brucellosis examination have keen used for calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium survey by the methcds of flame phorometry and sceixophotnety. The levels of serum calcium, phosphorous and magnesium axe 10,50±0.35 mgkJl (3(X)) 5.48±0.44rng,Ul (223) and 6.01 ±0.YSm,gkll (135) resoDtively.
In recent healing ows the serum phosphorous levels axe lower than those of normal cows. The difference of phosphorous and calcium value among the axeas axe significant, In this stwly the serum magnesium levels axe higher than those reprted by previous authors, this high magnesium value may ke caused by the delayed secsxation of sea and the used different methcd.


Dairy Cattle; Magnesium Gncentration serum calcium