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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 12

AHRI report No.12


The Experimental Infection of Swine Enzootic Pneumonia in Taiwan

Department YE Chang; C.H. Lee; D.F. La; C,Lee
Author PP. Liou; T.S. Huang

The collection of lung srecimen fiora the united slaughtsi house was made if gross examined as S. B. P. lesion. The lung srthmen then put into the mortar and used HAnfl Ielanced salt solution to make a homogenate lCt’c emulsion and centrifuga (2,500 rpm, 20 minutes), the sumatant fluid filtered with O.45u filter mernbane, The filtered fluid was intratracheally inoted with 5FF piglets. After 25 days, the incculated piglet were autoid, the apical, cardiac, interrnediales and anterior of diaphragm lobes of bcith lungs showalmarkallyS. E P lesion. We also used. the autornierl lung specimen to make the filtered fluid as the method above again and ctiltuxed in liquid media under srthal cxmditior after 3 blind snirultured in liquid media. We transferred it to solid media and in intratacheally into 5FF piglet again. On the solid media, there were 2 kind of cdony, M, hyopueumoniae, M hyorhinis appeared, The inoculal piglet alsoshowedS. B. P leison


Experimental infection Swine Enacotic Pneumonia; SEP