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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 13

AHRI report No.13


Studies on the Neutralization Antibody Survey of Swine Transmissible Gastroenteritis in Taiwan 

Department 1.Taiwan Animal H1th Research Instisie
2.Dept, Veterinary Mdicine. National Taiwan University
Author Y.P. Lin* ; M.H. Jong1; C.S. Cheng1: T.H. Fu2; G.C.Cheng2 ; C.J. Fei2; T.C. Lin3

1.Atlof819serunsanples oc’Utkfrorn l9hseins &cities, TheTCEPcthtivexate(x8 or higher of the TGE neutralizing titer) was 44.6% and I-Lan prefecture had the highest rat of 62%. The result show1 that the disease had spread over the Island.

2.The neutralizing antibody titer of Pigs involvoi in outheaks of TOE weraksn quickly.

3.Some pig farms of the TS corporatin showal a high serum-nerutralizing titer of x128, although no TOE clinical cases were reported.


Neutralization Antibody; Transmissible Gastrcenteritis ; Pig