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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 11

AHRI report No.11


Studies on Control Program Against Streptococcus Agalactiae Mastitis in Taiwan (Ⅱ)Results of Field Use. 

Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Cornell University
3 Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction
Author :T.C Chiul 5.5. Chenl ; TM. Ho2; LS. Tsai3 ; RS. Chang3 SI Chen3

A control program against Steptccxxcus agalactiae masfts including Caiifox-nia Mastitis Test, Bacteriological examinations, clinical treatnenis, milking hygiene masuxe ments and eat dipping was carried out during the year 1947 Dairy areas covered fIfn district in Taiwan province with a total numit of 8,CU) milking cows was put into the control program. During a cericd of 12 months of aesivdy control activities, the incidence of Stepbococcus agalactiae mastitis was declined to a cexesin extent. The incidence of CMT reaction of total pcpilation was dareasd. from 25.6% to 16.7% umnary duringtheendofthe first year,

Isohtion of stepbococcus aga1actiaeshowe1afxouencydistributionof6.8% with comaixed to 2.2% at the end of the pericd. At mean time the prognosis of succeed treatment of clinical Steptcoocus agalactiae nastitis was increased from 75.4% to 93.4% . From the date indicates that an extensively taking up of the control program to an extent of several years is possiUe for controlling and even eradicating the organism in Taiwan kefoxe the pc>pulation of milk cow is largely increased.


Steptcxxcus Agalactiae Bacteriological examinations ; Taiwan