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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 13

AHRI report No.13


The Distribution of the Neutralizing Antibody Against Pseudorabies from Slaughter Pigs in Taiwan Region. 

Department 1 Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.JoW Lornmission on Rural Rnstruction.
Author K?. LAn; T.C Chin; Y.P. Lin; M.H. Jong; YE. Liu2

The distribution of neutralization antibodies against Pseu-dorabies was studier! by using random sampling from slaughter pigs in Taiwan. Out of 2193 Samples, 46 revealed the SN titer of 1:4 or higher with an incidence of 2.1%. The variations of the incidence of paitive SN titer among different areas were shown as follows: Tauyuan uinmary prefecture (P) 8.3% (SS)), YilanP, 7.5% (3M0), Taichung city (Q 5.0% (1/20), Changhwa P. 0.5% (1AXI2), Nantou P. 5.5% (3/55), Yunlin P. 1.0% (2120)), Chiayi P.10.0% (1W1(0), Tainan P. 0.3% (113(0), Kaohsing P.1.3% (413(0), Pintung P.4.7% (14/3(0) andPenghu P. 10.0% (2120).


Neutralization Anti&dy; Slaughter Pigs ; Distributions