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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 16
Reportno. AHRI report No.16
Topic Rolling Round Bottle Culture of Piglet Kidney Cell and the Production of Attenuated TGE-TO Virus
Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Council for Agricultural Planning and Development, Executive I uan
Author Y.P. L.inl;S.S. Lai l;M.H. Jong 1;T.C. Lin2

An attempt was made to cultivate piglet kidney cells in a rolling round bottle. As a result. the optimum conditions of cultication were found to aollsist in the number of cells planted per bottle being lx 10-8, the volume of growth medium per bottle being 200—250m1 and the velocity of rolling being 6—8.2 revolutions per hour. It was possible to make a monolayer of cells develop all over the glass surface under these conditions. An experiment was carried out to clarify the production of virus in the square bottle and rolling round bottle culture. The highest virus titer was obtained 36 hours after inoculation of square bottle culture with a SxlO_3 TCID-50 infective virus titer and 1:100 dilution of stock virus. Subjected to rolling cultivation at 37? and 34’?, the highest virus titer was obtained 33-36 hours and 40 hours after inoculation of rolling round bottle culture with a 10-7.7 TC]D-50 infective virus titer. The virus yield vas 10-2 TCID- 50 ml as high in the rolling method as in the stationary method.

Keyword Piglet Kidney Cefl;TGE-TO Virus