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Update Date: [2013-10-30]

Plan Year: 2004
    Being a member of WTO and OIE, we have to follow the regulations on the diagnosis and surveillance of rabies and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease.  A nation-wide early warning system is urgently needed to prevent the invasion and spreading of those diseases.  The target of the program is to invite an expert veterinary pathologist, Chuen-Bin Hong, advising AHRI on establishing the standard operation procedure (SOP) for negative-pressured animal necropsy house, standard diagnostic procedures of BSE and rabies, and to promote the higher grade of histopathology interpretations to improve the diagnostic skills of emergent and zoonotic diseases for veterinary staff.  Completing the program will set up a SOP for negative-pressured animal necropsy house and diagnostic laboratories of BSE and rabies in AHRI, and enhance diagnostic techniques of emergent and zoonotic diseases.  The studied information and end result will suggest chief executive of animal inspection and quarantine to prevent the invasion and spread of animal epidemics and diseases.  The untimate goal of the project will sustain the health of public and the prosperity of husbandry industry.