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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 20

AHRI report No.20


The Epidemiology,Virus Isolation and Emergent Treatment of Viral Enteritis in Goslings in Taiwan


1.Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxch Instituw
2.Derersinent of Rnsmiction, Taiea Municiehty Government


S.C Huangl;W.C HuangM,S, Clio1LF. Un2M.C Uu1,C Chenl;Y.C Pergi


Eight-weeks-old chicks immunized with various doses of inactivated or live attenuated Newcastle (ND) virus vaccines showed different responses in the hemoagglutination inhibition antibody (HI) and serum neutralization antibody (SN) productions in 14 days after vaccination. The tested chicks which got a low HI antibody after vaccination showed low SN antibody levels. After the chicks were challlenged with the virulent virus, both the HI antibody and SN antibody production wre presented with reciprocal relations to the antibody levels before the challenge. The survival rate of the immunized chicks possessing the HI antibody and SN antibody level?1 :2 was 48-67% and 23.1%, and?1 :4 was 80% and 93% respectively. It is concluded that the chicks immunized with the ND virus vaccine induced the HI antibody orer 1:16 may get good protection against this disease.


Newcastle frmcegglutination inhibition ; serum neutialization