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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 1

AHRI report No.01


Study on Production of Fowl Cholera Vaccine


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author J.Y. Liii Y,S, Lu ; S.C. Yang; Y.S. Ho

1 .Of Seeral vaixines tusted A. H. 0. Chicken emln-yo v&xine showed ke-ttur xesuiis than A. H. 0. a]lantoic fluid vacdne. A. H. 0. egg agar vathne Chicken era&yo vacxtiae and A. H. 0. forma1inii kactrine. 2. The A. H. 0. Chicken embryo vacdne usually gc&tud cW—80% against Challenge with 10 MID. &Paseuxefla rnultccida.


Fowl Cholera Vathne; A. H. 0. Chicken; Pasniefla mu&dda