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Update Date: [2013-11-05]


NO.: 21

AHRI report No.21


DEVELOPMENT OF LIVE PSEUDORABIES VIRUS VACCINE Ⅰ.Attenuation of the wild strain and its characterization


Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxch Institute

Author M.H.Jong ;T.H. Liu;I.P. (Than;T.F. ChiuC.W. Tseng

A local isolate of seudorabies virus namel PRV-ThL has en clonerl twice in BH K cell line by plaque seleotion methcd. Before eing jssl in CPK and BT cells, thdonelvirus hadInssageJfrsSK-H celllinefor59tisnes. Boththe 1OthET- ssagoi and the 1 1thCPK-ssagtl viruses with the tier oflO”S,OTCflJSOwere injxtl S’ tvo 5-week-ok! pigs restztively.

Pigs ijced with BT-ssagl virus did not show any sign of infection, e.g. no viremia and no virus shakling from tonsils; The body temperature of the pigs hij%tl with CPK-passagI virus rcee to 40.87 at 5 P11), virus she&Jigg was deeti from one of the the pigs at7PID, but no Uiremia. The sentinel pig kept normal through the experunental period, no virernia, no virus sitiding and no antibody were de. Low level of neut-alizing antibody against PRV oould te detected in all infrtei pigs at 7 P10, the titer climired gradually since, and up to the peak at 28 P11), The antibodies rernain& inthetier of 1:16 to 1:32in allof thevrus-injoerl pigs atS6PID. Caisez-utive treatment of dexamethasone did not cause virus sh&ding horn all pigs.


psewioxabies virus BHK cell jig

VIRUS VACCINE Ⅰ.Attenuation of the wild strain and its characterization