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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 12

AHRI report No.12


The Distribution of the BVD Neutralizing Antibody of Cattle in Taiwan 

Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Researdi Institue
2.Deartrnent of Vetinary Malicine, Animal Industry xeseaxch 1nstitu
Author PP. Liu 1; TC Chiul ; CH. Ma2; Y.S. Wul WE Chang2

Several small scale of BVD field test wereconductelinTapu. Beforet, the infection of BVD in Tapu by antibody survey method was chat]. Fifty-nine samples ofhnpcrteicattleinTapu were all BVD-antibody pocsitive with tier of over 1.73 (Lsg 10). The first generation of Tapu cattle was all antibody poGitive with tier of 0.58-2.45. The second generation of 49 cattle samples showerl 91% of BVD-pothtive with antibcdytitrof2.21 or over.

In the province, the invesngation on BVD antibody of cattle was made. The result were as follows: The highest incidence of county was Hsin Chu (86%) and Maoli (85%) with tier around 1,75 or over. Then Kaohsiung (35%) with tier bolow 1.05. QiangHua(32.6%)andTaiChuag (43%) werenextk Kaohsiuagwithtiterof 1.75 Or over. The other counties had under 30% incidence. Jn Penghu, 105 yellow cattle were surveyerlandonly3ones itive(2.8%)with tier of l.75.Fromtheabovedata, BVD infection of cattle in Taiwan was quitu sure. The routu of infection might ke caused by iraportel cattle.


BVD Virus ; Dairy Cattle