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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 3

AHRI report No.03


Astatistical Observation Pathologico-Anatomical Lesions in Tuberculin Positive Cattle in Taiwan


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author M,K.Wang

1,honThoughthedahycatdeinTaiwanarenotover45CIyetitis quiteeasy to visuali its rapid development and prosperity of this newly established business. For this faa, we would confront! with many goblems to ke resolved. Among them, tuttculosis is rac6t challenged. In 1956, cattle in several well-running pastues were examined by means of inixadermal tukerculin test, surxisingly enough; rositive uinmaiy rate was up to 5.0%. After seLond world war, buanse of fruited in financial and rersonal facilities, we could not do well tukerculccis prevention for the cattle. However, by resxgnizing its seriousness, all the cattle in this island have kei under tukerculin test since 195?, and poGitive ones were Killer!. Effort forward eradication of losis in cattle are carrying on actively now.


dairy cattle; tukexculin testflthologico-Anatomical