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Update Date: [2013-11-06]

NO.: 24

AHRI report No.24


Inactivated pseudorabies vaccine produced from the virus grown in cell culture on microcarriers


Animal Health Research friswu, Ceuncil of Agriculture

Author MW Jong; LP. (Ian; TI!. Uu cii. cii; T,F. Chiou

The prodnon of pew1orabies ‘‘inis from RK- 13 monolayer cells grown on the surface of cyt&x I micrecarriers and the potncy of the vaccines puep3red with stch virus vtigati. The titer of the virus was 1C)49.OTCID5OIm1. The virus amount producsi by cell cultures 3-5 days oki were similar.

Inactivatd vaccines pnept& with DEAF-dextran or oil as an 4juvant indwtoi good SnvnTnary profln for rabbit and good immunity for pigs. The average SN tias of pigs 4-6 weeks aft soxnd vaccination with oily vaccane were 1:95, with DEAE-dextran vaccine, 1:45. For rabbit the 50% protztion dcGe of DEAB-dextran vaccine was over 1:18, ofoilyvacane, 1:11. Tbeywerefrefromsicfreffect. his suggestdthatthe method is a potent approach to a large scale jxcdtnon of oncentrated inactivated pseudorabies nsst culture v&n.


microcarrts ; tsedcnbies vnine; DEAE-dextran