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Update Date: [2013-11-06]

NO.: 24

AHRI report No.24


Growth of cells in suspended culture and their susceptibility to pseudorabies virus


Animal Health Research Jnstitut. Cuthl of Agsiculture

Author M.H. Jong; LI. Chan; T,H. Uu Cli. Clii; TF. Chiou

The established hamser lung cell line, ‘fl379A could grow in a susjrncial stat. The effects cC changes in the condidoDs which control the growth of V’79 cells In suspension were examined. The maximum cell yield was atined at 7th-pm. The mial cell count 1.OxlCV’Skril increased to 1 .3x1(Y&tril on 4th day of ciiliure with the higher cell growth rate (CttDo) than any other higher initial cell count. Senim at a concaih-aton of 4% was more suitable for cell cultist than that at 8% and 10%. Cells in susrencJ stat could be j:essaged during different stat, &g- on 3rd or 4th day, with the same growth potential. Cells from the 3rd day suspxbJ culture, though kept at 410 for2danetheiithcouldgrowaswellasthc€eessaged immediately, but it was not thie for the longer ciltured cells.

The suspeasion culture of V?9 cells was rroved satisf&ory for proega&1i of pewiarabies ims. The viral ttr reached a maximum of 1 QA 8£ TCII)SCVmL The viral yeild per cell from the suspension culture was higher in comparison with that from the monolayer cultures either in stationary or in rolling condition.


psewicnbies virus ; V79 cell