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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 20

AHRI report No.20


Studies on Escherichia coli Originated from Diarrhea of Suckling Piglets in Taiwan Ⅱ.Serological Properties


1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institu
2.School of Veerinary Mudicine and Animal Science, Kitasato University. Japan 3, National Institu of Animal Health, Japan


C. Cheni ; Tsuneo KUME 2; Muneo NAKAZAWA 3$hiro TSUEAKI 2


The serological studies were carried out on the 127 strains of Escherichia coli isolated from the suckling piglets with diarrhea in Taiwan; used in the studies were 30 kinds of O.K antisera and K88, K99 and 987p pili antisera. The results indicated that the highest detection rate of the somatic antigen occurred in 0147 (31.5%) and those of the pili antigens for 987p and K99 were 19.7% and 11%, respectively.

As compared with the report from other laboratories, the detection rate of strains with K88 pili was fairly low (0.8%). This is a feature phenomenon typical to this experiment. The strains with 987p pili had a higher detection rate. However the statistical data were identical to those in the report by Moon et. al., in U. S. A., but was quite different from the reports of the European countries. As regards those strains with pili, the fluences of Mannose in erythrocytes agglutination tests were not quite definite or significant.


Escherichia cdi; Serological; K88