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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 13

AHRI report No.13


Antigenic Differences Between Swine Vesicular Disease Viruses and Coxsackie B5 Virus Isolates

Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institut
2.Plum Island Animal Disease (>nter, Gxzenrxxt, Long Island 3.Ccrriell University, Ithca, N.Y. USA
Author S.S,Laii; P,D.Mckercher2;D.M.Mccre2;J.H.Gillespie3

The antigenic differences Ineen the SVDV and CBS isolates can e distinguished by neuattion and immuncdiffusion test despite their clcGe relationship. Among SVDV isolates, UKG27i72 and HKI1 showed slightly antigenic differences, however, were evident with Italy. The antigenic differences ketwen Faulkner protitype and rftent isolates of CBS were also dernonstable. The Faulkner prototype was more clorelyrelaitotheSVDVisola, jarticWarytothe IlyEthanthererrntCBS isolate as evident by the placpe reduction test.


Swine Vesictlar Disease; Gxsac]cie B5 Virus Pxeradon ; SVDV