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Update Date: [2013-11-06]

NO.: 24

AHRI report No.24


The Assay Improvement of Pseudorabies Inactivated Vaccine


Animal Health Research Institute, Ccail of Agriculture

Author J.F. 5u W.C Huang; CS. (Then

Pseudorabies (Pr.) inactivati vaccines were assayed with mice, guinea pigs, rabbit and pigs. The result showed that vaccine having higher protztive titer in rabbit could aisohavegocdfltivetiterfrnrniceorguineapigs. Themcdelofguineapigs vaccinated twice with higher dccc group was regarded as the kest one to replace rabbit mcdel. The antibcdy response in swine for Pr. vaccines was not gcxDd enough; it meant that vaccine quality should ke improved. g condition,


peudorabies virus ; rabbit ; guinea pig; mice