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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 17

AHRI report No.17


Comparison of Proliferation and Cytopathogenicity of Swine Vesicular Disease Virus and Coxsackievirus B5


1.Taiwan Animal Health Research bstitu
2.Dertnent of Anatomy ,University of Virginia MJica1 Cent
3.Pluin Island Animal Disease Center USDA — fulfillment of the rerprirement for the Ph. D degree at Ca-nell University


S.S. LS.S EREESE2J,RD,M. Mcxxe3,T.H. Gillespiol


Suential appearance of both swine vesicular disease virus and Gxsadaevirus ES antigens in a pig kidney cell line was stw3i by irnmunofluorescence and electron microscopy. The replication cycle of each virus was apoxirnaely 3-4 h. Viral antigens were demonstrable in the cytoplasm 2 h after inctulation. A coinjeci mass of fluorescence was seen when cells showerl cytopathogenic effect at 3.5 h, After 3 k a few viral jrtides, seen by electron microscopy, were in the cytoplasm, Morphological changes of cells occurred at the same time. Qrtoplasmic cryslline arrays of virus were first detected at? li.