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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 14

AHRI report No.14


The Isolation and Identification of Tuberculosis Pathogens in Tuberculin-Positive Dairy Cows in Taiwan

Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxch Institute
2.Derertment of Forestry and Agriculture, Taiwan Provincial Government 
3,National Pingtung Institute Of Agriculture
Author S.S.Chenl J.F.Sul ; Y.F.Linl S.C.Liaol ; C.S.Chengl J.S.Chang2; C.I.Liu3

Of l about 39,000 dairy cows testlwithmammaniantukerculin, 68 mitive cases were exadicated and samphi for Mycolnrial isolation and identhation. Of which, 28 stains were cultured with HerrokFs mdia. Culture characteristics, bicthemical tests and animal thogenicity test of the isolates were made for the detenninationof the tyjrs of tuirerculosis, Alol the isolates weresensitiveto isonicotinic acid hydrazid (INH), thiophen-2-carboxylic acid hydrazid (TCH), nec’nlium chloride (Neot), streptomycin (SM) and rifampin (RIP), but were negative in niacin t. Positive responses were obuinerl on both ls in inccu1ai guinea pigs and rabbit, whereas test result in chicken were negative. Therefor, M.bovis is consideredas themaincauseof Wnculosis aicattleinTaiwan, as a rule.


Tukeroilc€is Pathogens Tukeroilin Positive; rifarnpin