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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 10

AHRI report No.11


Sensitivity of fecal Escherichia coli from healthy pigs to Carbadox in anaerobic condition

Department 1 Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxch histitu
2.National Institute of Animal Health, Kcdaria, Tokyo
Author C. Cheni ; M. Kashiwaz3ki2; S. Nomioka

A total of twenty Strdins of Escherichia coil isolatu3 from pigs was examined for sensitivity in vito of Carindox and other antibacterial drugs under aerobic and anbicconditions. The results obtainal axe summarilas follows (Table 1): With aerobic condition, it was shown that the growth of B coil was inhibit! with Carbadox at 25- 1CO.tghnl, The activity of the drug, however, was extemely enhanced die to the
Summary anaerobic incuItion: minimum inhibitory concentation (lvi K) of the drug weed .56 sgn1against5 strains (25%), l,56Agka1against4 (20%), and3.l3pg/mlagainst 11 (55%).

On the other hand, the sensitivity of the other antilnrial drugs as aminokenzyl rtnidl]in and furatrizin were abcut as same result in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.


Carbadox Escherichia coil; f&ati