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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 23

AHRI report No.23


Evaluation of Mercaptoethanol tube agglutination test for serological diagnosis of bovine Brucellosis


Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxch Institute

Author YtshingWu; MY. Yeli; Y.H,Yaizg

The rneLcapttceuthanoi nuke aggluuriation test (MTA) was us in diagnosis of bobine h-ucellccis. TThe result of thte ttst on lfl sample were comopx& to those detDtted by stttandard tuke agglutination JA) test and omplementt ficatttion (CF) t When taking tthe ttitts of MTA test higher than l:lOandCF test t higher than 1:5 as pcGithve respcnse, the xe]attive sensitivity and spthfIcity of MTA tea were above 9%.Whenfthepitthvefiterwastalenafli:4O, i:2Oc’ri:iOinTAtthereiattive sensittivity or speDlflcaty tt CF ttttes was low. The xesultt shows that TA test alone ou]d not te userl in diagnosis. However the disagrecable able smell of mercaptoethanol limited the routine appikation of MTA test.


Bovine Bnellosis mercaptcethanol aggiuunation test