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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 5

AHRI report No.05


Experiment On The Immunity of Using Hog Cholera Tissue Culture Antigen To Substitute Virus Blood.


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Insntu
Author J.Y. UuM.T Yeh).S. Lai;Y.S. Liu

1 .Hog cholera virus (AU) stain) obin by ssage of ST-cell culture has the same ]mmune pcAency as virus blood
2.The immune sen preparerl by using hog cholera tissue culture antigen and virus bkxDd had the same, effleciency when cerformed the sirnulneous in.tction, and on difference was found when in cool-room for a year.


Subtitie Virus Bbood1og Cholera