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Update Date: [2013-11-06]

NO.: 24

AHRI report No.24


Studies in the Production of Swine Vesicular Disease Antigen for a Microimmunodiffusion Test


Animal Health Researdi Institute Coundl of Agriculture

Author CC Huang; M.H. Jong; LP. (Ian; CT. Lee

The Microimmunodiffusion Test (N flJT) possesses high setificity and
convenience for the detDtion of antibody. The swine vesicular disease vinis(SVDV) antigen us&I for M IIJT was prcdwcsi from ESK cells infected with 0.037 rnultiphcity of infectibity (m.o.i) for 30 his. Vims susrension was inactivand with 0.03M binary
ethylenimine (EEl) and concentrati with 9% polyethylene glyool (PEG). The SVDV antigen was diluteithe concentrations of 2.0-4.Omghnl, whidi could dew 128-4OX titers of the serum neutralization antibody. The SVDV antigen lycphilbd with 20% kctedid not decrease the sensitivityin MIDT


Microirnmuncdiffusion Test; MIOT ; SVDV; EEl