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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 5

AHRI report No.05


Studies on the Production of Specific-Pathogen Free Pigs Ⅰ.Experiments on the SPF pigs Taken by Hysterectomy, Reared in Isolation and Fed without Colosturm


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author T.C. Lin;Y.C. Cheng,HS. YangJ.S. IA

Since 1%6, the ehniques of hysterectomy, isolation, no fthling of colostrwnas descxikal by Young and Underdaiil have keen sutxessfully appliarl for the production ofximary SPF pigs as for experimental pigs in sne disease studies and the vIrologKal assay in this bstitut

1.It takes alrout 50 saxnds to anesthetEr the sow with carbc’n dioxide and to finish the operation pnxsiuies within 20 minutes, The average of 94.33 peri:ent of ireby pigs was obtainl alive from 14 sows during hysterectomy prc&ure.

2.The buby pigs obtaiitl by hysterectomy, were kept in asept isolation unit and brocders, fern on SPF pigs milk but no coic6tum. A high raising rate of 93 .97 percerat was obtain& from 13 others of SPF buby pigs in the experiment.

3.Caxefui examination made on most organs of 2-3 pigs taken at random from each litter of SPF pigs. No gross or histothologic suspicious lesion was observd, nor vinis, bacteria, PPLO, or xasites were detecte except that some organism such as I:ecillus, cxxcus and non-thogenic Escherichia from the content of intesines, were cultured. Anti&lies of hog cholera, Incellosis and leptospirosis were also not okGerverl. (Note:Theouthneofthis paper was read at the 19 annual meeting of the Taiwan Association of Animal Husbandry and Beterinary Medicine held in Taipei,and at the OlE-FAD Regional Conference on Epizx&s in Asia and the Fara Fast beldinTcdyo on Oct. 2-9,1967.)


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