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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 20

AHRI report No.20


Method to Test Food Additives-the qualitative Method to Detect Carbadox


Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxch Institut


S.J. Le;I,P, Chan;Y.H Yang


A Method of Testing Food Additives:
The Qualitative Method to Detet Carkedox Not until xuenily, has these been any method to deect carbadox qualitation in CNS. Even in AOA these is no descripton of a method asscciaal with carbadox qualitation. In this study ,thhe xeseascheis employ thin-layer chromatography as a method to qualitate caibadox. With this method, slica gel HF234 is used as ahscirbing agent; aceton as solvent chhofccm; ethanol (9:1) as mobile phrase, and the carbadox is examined with flucrsescent light at the wavelength of 3l6nm. The Rf valise of TLC is 0.77. The sensitivity of the method is l0ppm


qualitative Method ; C.arbadox; CNS