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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 22

AHRI report No.22


Detection of Intracellular Immunoglobulin in Formalin-paraffin Sections of the Bovine Spleen Using the Immunoperoxidase Technique.


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute


AndxewC.Y. Fell ; W.M. Chang; Y.H. Yang; S.Y. Chht


A dixea immunorerodicase ohnique for the identification of munoglobulincxDintaining cells in the seotion of bovine spleen is cbcrikei. This is applicable to fornalin fixoJ, paxaffin-enkakled maerial. It is kasI on an immunohistochenical method using reroxidase4akelled antibodies. Rabbit were immunized by purified bovine IgG2. The 1g02 fraction of rabbit anti-bovine 1g02 antiserum was onjugai with horseradish peroxidase. The pesence of immunoglobulin-cxntaining cells in bovine spleen seotions was revealed by staining the tissue-bound eroxidase-lakelhl antibody with diaminokenzidine then briefly countstainei wth Jiematoxylin.

The endogeneous Etroxidase was satisfactorily inbhibitl by beating the dewaxed seotion with a fresh 0,5% solution of hydrogen peroxidee in abiolute methanol for twenty minu.

The strflxe of iranunoglobulin-containing cells in bovine spleen seotions is clear, exations axe imanent, and retosective stadies of stored paraffin-erninided tissue axe po6sible.


Bovine Spleen Immunoreroxidase IgG2