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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 19

AHRI report No.19


Studies on the Viral Properities of Passaged-Lapinized Hog Cholera Virus (RK-LPC) in Rabbit Kidney Cells 1. Detecion of HC LPC-China Strain Virus with SK Cell Line


1 Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2,School of The Veterinary Medicine, Abu University, Japan
3,National Ins ate of Animal Health, Japan




To develop live cell vultuer HC virus vaccine, rabbit cell passage of Lapin - ized Hog Cholera (HQ virus (HC RK - LPQ was used, Dettion and assay of the LPC virus by means of the two step E- interference methcd with s-wine kidney cell line SK- H and it done CPK stain were studied. There - suit are as follews:

The sensitivities of ST primary cells, 5K - H and CPK swine kidney cell lines in growing LEC virus were compared using Viral titers, The SK - H cell line was found to Ire the mast sensitive.

TheHCLPC-ChinavniscangowandpropagateinRKcellsThevi-raltitersin primary cells axe higher than in sftondary cells , and also higher than dixatly cultured Kidney and testical cell from rabbit incculatl eith LPC - China virus.

he virus growth curve in LPC virus incculated rabbit was studied by comparing the gxowthintissueernulsionwiththe5 thand l0thpassages of RK- LFCvirus. Thepeal viraltiterswere lcY’3.7TCDJSQ?MLintissiee-mulsion(ontheothdayafter intion),1O5.3TCUJ5cblinth5thRK-LPCpassage(onthe5thdayof incutetion)and 1CY’5.7TCD)hnlinthelOthRK- LPCpaggage(onthe4thdayof incubation). The original tissue emulsion (spllen and lymph ncde) of LPC virus in - c’culand rabbit was END negative, but was END po€itive aaft only one passage in RKand5Tcells orrtherkinds of cells. TheEND virus growthcurveusingthetwo step E- interference virus was the same as mentiones above. Thus the viral titers also increase following the addition of passage numker.

On the other hand when LPC-China 820th, RK-LPCl8thandthefieldisolatl Kanagawa / 1974 viruses were incxzuland into the CPK cell line and challenged by the vesicular stomatitis virus, the reverse plaque fonnation was negative. However the reverse plaque formation was pultive using the con - tol viruses Hc A 6 and HC attenua1 (WE - virus. Thus the virulent Hog cholera A76 strain may contain more than one stain of virus.


Viral Properities ; Hog Cholera; RK-LPC S