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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 7

AHRI report No.07




Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author C.Cltn

StaLes on tie occunace of usernic posening (gout) in dith arnong3Cf) native and 30) abroad original W±, the perimer&l result west sumrnari as follow:

1 .Both different original chicks were oixunad gout in the sane fftdnzg condition, but tie morbidity was different 19 gout casts were o6erVed In abroad original chicks, S gout cases in the native original chicks, tie morl*y in tie former was hizja than 63%, the latter lower than 1.7%. From abcve result, it irwlicatl that hl different may influence the occurrence of gout.

2.The morbidity that tie chicks were fad with gofln of animal origin (esthally fish real pwcb) was higher than the chicks fad with ironn of vegetable origin (espthally soy’cean powder). Tie jxofln was designatad as gopnonal nutritive rapixernent 20) chit fed with the potin of animal origin and divided int, Autumn-WEnt group and Sng-Surruner group west c*xunei 13 gout cases, the morbidity was 6.5%. These were occurred ogout oases fad with profln of vegetabie origin the rabidity was 3%, bit only S cases in tie control group with morbidity

3,The influence of season on morbidity was invesgat. l1e chicks [a! in AutumnWinter were cccunal gout higher than that fad in Sxing-in Auturnn-wint group l9goutcasesoutof300chicks wereoccuned, themorbiditywas higlerthan
Sniniary 63% in Syztr*g-Sumwa group Scases with 1ot than 1.7%.

4,The influesa of diffeient Intl and protin source on the increase of &dy weight was investigaS Tiechicks fad with jzoeinofanimai origin got tie mt result, The &dy weight of the exrerimental chicks was chaI every week until I 4weelc of age. In the animal original protn grou the at-age weight of native original chicks in 14 weeks of age, in Autumn-winter vup was L .OSSgm, in Spring-sumxrer group I ,4SSgm, as the abroad original chicks in Auumn-Wintr group 2365gm, fri Spring- Summer group 2,4(6gm, In tie control group, the native original chicks in AutumnWinter group l,(4Ogm, in Spsing-Sumzrer group 1,450gm. As tie abroad original chicks in Auumn-Wintr group2,31 0gm. in Spring-Sumner group 2,345gm. The worst result was olsainad wia the Chat were fad with protein of vegetable origin, tie native original chicks in Autumn-Winter group 2,030gm, in Spring-Sumner group 2,040grn.

5.Theret had tt obserJ visceral gout in each errerimental group as the gross lesion tie Kidney with ncc’Ne swethag showed milky white mottled aicearance, the uric a&1 and irate were prthpiwerl In urenal dn. In severe oasw tie outer sur&e of ekadium, liver, sp, periteum wee formed chalky pietipitatl mass. On hisqsthologxal examination, Bowman caules and renal tubub were &peied with deep pink subrtas forntl by mt acid and some irregular colorless substance formal by Ammonium urate, cell degeeration arid the infiltration of inflammatory cell were also obset around the infarct tissues.


Auumn-Winter group ; morbidity ; BREED DIFFERENCE