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Update Date: [2013-11-06]

NO.: 24

AHRI report No.24


The Methods for the Preparation of Immunoglobulin G from Bovine Swine or Chicken Sera


1.Arainal Health Research 1nsut, Cowiil clAgxicultuie 
2.Nanonal Taiti Cdkge Of Nng

Author V.P. Uni CV, Ft 1; tS. Huang 1; V.5, Lu 1 P.H. Mar2

The swne IgG was isolati from whole swine semm by Salt Pxthnon (50% (NH4)2 504), DEAE-chromatogaphy, gel filtraton and DEAE-cellulose chromatography rerformftl on salt. Bovine JgG2 was p.irified by salt piaapiton (NH4)2S04), DEA&cdlulcGe chromatography and Fractogel TSR HWSS gel filtaon.

Chicken 1t3 was punfrd form chicken whole serum with salt thpiton(3O% (NH4)2504), DEAE-celluic6e and sephxryl 5-303.


lminunoglobi]in 0 Chicken Sea; Swine Sera Iovine Sea