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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 9

AHRI report No.09


Virus Excretion from Pigs Inoculated with the Hog Cholera Live Vaccine

Department Taiwan Animal Health Pseaxch Jnstitutu
Author T.C. LinC,M. ShiehJ,F. SuD.S. Cheng

fri the pevious exriment high safety and immunity eff to the vaccinati pigs was olerverl in both the lapinil (LPC sat) and OP vaccines. fri the present study f and urine wilerti from pigs incculand with LPC or OP vaccine were xespaztively rasserl through Sei’z filer prior to virus cleetion. The result show that no detetuNe virus in LPC vaccine group was found, but tie virus was poGitively recovererl within en days poGaocu]ation in OP vaccine group. The cxntact infection was not pt-oven when normal pigs kept together xesaDtively with the two vacdnatl gou. Therefore, it was again proven] that the two live vaccines were highly safe and effective.


hog cholera virus ; Virus Excretion ; LPC