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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 1

AHRI report No.01


A Preliminary Report on the Treatment of Swine Stephanuriasis


Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institutu
2.Breding Stcck Farm of Taiwan sugar conny
Author Y.M.Chol J.K.Huangl LS.Char*g2

The“Ki&ny-Wcxm” of swine is wiclelydistibufrrTaiwan . Yet, no satisfactory method of teatnent is known. In this experiment, we found that the mixture of Phenothiazine oil solution and gentian violet glycerin solution is rather effective. lii the experiment, six thfestJ boors were inzl Wrapexitoneally with 50-1 COt of the mixture for 1-8 times atinervals of 5-19 days. There was a favorable result Aft the lastintion(28-52days), theeggsofthejmasiecu] dnotbofoimdththeurineof four boexs; but in another boor, the numter of eggs was rucer1. All boors teaed was normal in bxeethng


Swine Stephanuiiasis Ki&ny-Worm