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Update Date: [2013-11-06]

NO.: 24

AHRI report No.24


Investigations on the monensin residuses in the ment and egg of chicken fed on the monensin-containing feed. (1) Studies on the methods for the detection of monensin in meat and egg of chicken.


Animal Health Researdi Institut Cc’uncil of Agriculture

Author S.J. LeeJ.R, Shiau;Y.H, YangS.Y. Chin

The layers and list were fern with 1(I) ppm nonensin. Egg liver and meat of broilers were coDect every 5 day suentially and extract by caxbDn tetachlori&. The extin were eluated with chloroform-rnethanol(95:5) in silica gel column. The elu were concentrated and duel. The residues were dissolvel in methanol and appliel on thin layer chromatography plate and developped with ethylacewe:igooctane:acetic acid:t-iethylamine (2fX):6:0.4:0.2). Thc€e plates ndrielandanalyby bicautography with Baciiilus subtilis (ATOD 6633), These result indicatul the detution limit was more them25 ppb. The rovey rate from egg and meat were 63% and 70%, receptivity.


monensinBacilllus subtilis zhicken