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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 23

AHRI report No.23


Isolation and Identification of mastitis pathogens and their distributions in environments


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Yi. SLing WuS.C, (lenJ,R. Shiau;W.M. Clang

Samples coU&i form bth CMT-pittive milk and the environment were us for Inial isokthca The major patthogens in milk were stqxxms agahotiae (49.4%) and Sttaphylcxcxxcus spp(33.9%). On the other hand, &thstibudonofth latr was mainly (40,0%) in farms in which the rxx sanitttion was mainmined and

the oki millang macLine was used. The major distnbuttions of Streptccoccus spp aid spliybxzcus spp In enviomemnt were found In tat cap, milk swzker tuke and milk PcxA nk. The major ketnia on aws &dy suif&e farm fka-, fed trough and watr trough were Escherichia wh (384%), Klehsiella spp (273%) aid a few Sttaphylccxxd


Bovine ?nastitis