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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 14

AHRI report No.14


Studies on Swine Mycoplasmosis in Taiwan

Department 1,Taiwan Animal Health Research Institut
2,Joint Commission on Rural Reconstwiion
3,Nationai Pingtung Institue Of Agriculture
Author J.F. Sul J.S. len 1 5.5. Chen 1 tC. Lin2; CL Liu3

Of 1,020 pig serum samples cxfleoted randomly from several hog farms in Taipei Hsian, Yuni]n Hsian, Kaohsiung Hsian, Pingtung Hsian and Taichung Qty, 311 cases were positive in anti&dy against M. hyopneumoniae by microtitration oDmplementfixation t. The antilxdy-poGitive rate were shown 43,34% (166/383) in sows, 24.89% (58,233) inpigleis, and 21 .53% (87/404) in fatten-pigs.

In addition, among 40 pigs with lesions of pneumonia found grossly, 14 pcsitive in serum antibcdy detection, in which 11 strains of M. hyopneumoni were isolate! from the pneumonic pDrtions of the lungs.

This experiment indica that nycoplasrrial pneumonia is a oDmmon disease in pigs in Taiwan, and micro-ocauplement-fixation test is an a’1iai]able method fcx the diagnosis of the disease.


Swine Mycoplasmosis microtiiration complementflxation; common disease