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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 9

AHRI report No.09


Studies on Propagation of Bovine Adenovirus in Tissue Cultural Cells and Laboratory Animals

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research fristitute
Author M.H. Jong;I.P, Chan; S.C, Tsai; C.S. Chen

In order to find out a highly susceptible cells for the isolation of Bovine Adenovirus and other viral agent to sulimtjt the unomeatble pure BK and BT cell cultures,The author tisi to cultivate the Adenovirus on various kinds of cell ofitires. Attempt were also made to search for suitable laboratory animals for the aejasation of hyerimmune serum . The results were suromarigal as follows:

1, Adenovirus tyje 1 could not prolifer-ate in VERO,HEP-2 and PK-15 cell lines.

2. The swine origin cell hne,ESKand primary 5K cell cuitnie were highly susceptible to Bovine Adenovinis and IBR virus,and could 1e us&{ for the isolation of these viruses.

3, No clinical sigbs were observal in mice and guinea pigs when they were incculatl with Bovine Adenovirus Type 1 .Srthfic antibody could e detaDel in the inocu1al mice,while none in the inoculated guinea pigs.


Bovine Adenovirus;Tissue Cultural Cells Laboratory Animals