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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 15

AHRI report No.15


Histopathological Studies on Mice Fed with Aflatoxins Contaminated Ammoniated Whole Corn


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute


PP. Liu


A total of 20 mature dd strain mice were used. Ten mice fed with aflatoxins contaminated ammoniated whole corn and ten mice fedwithnontial corns over 2 months period. Because of the whole grain residued with water extractable ammonia (WE-NH3’), the mice were induced various extentsr of hepatic lesions including massive or focal necrosis, hepatic cell vacuolizationk, centrolobular degeneration, calcification of epithelium of bile duct. The ammoniated corns did not cause any toxic reaction in kidney. From the results, we suggest that the aflatoxins contaminated whole corn after ammoniated process should be grounded or suitably deammoniated before applicatedin animalfeeds.


Aflatoxin Contaminated Corn ; Mice Fed , Histopathological