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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 4

AHRI report No.04


Investigation of The Outbreak of Swine Infectious Atrophic Rhinitis


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Instithte
Author J,Y. UuJS. Lu;Y1 C}gnM.K. Wang

Aherd of pigs showing soxre dinical symptoms of sning. sniffling, nasal hemorrhage and disrtc’n were obser in Match 1%?, In the gross lesions, diss,ruon of nasal septum and atrophy of the nasal turbinats apceaxe-i among tie pigs.
ummary Thus the cases were diag,aed as ‘hifsztois Atrophi Rhiraus” The srre$ of the
disease has inn kept wih- control by the continual cul-ling of the visible affectd


Atrcic Rhinius ; clinical syxnn ; Ste