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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 23

AHRI report No.23


The Intraparasitic Status of Swine and the Environmental Hygiene of the Parasite Eggs from Porcine Excreta in Taiwan


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author S,J. LeeAndxew C.Y. Fei;Y.H. YangS.Y. Chiu

A total numter of summary 520 fe2ces and 74 excneta samples were collectei from pig farms lcater{ in northern, central, southern adn eastern Taiwan (including aefbixes, Tairei, flan, Hawlein, Kaushung, Chayi and Yunlin), The pxUDlpitation methcd and ficeting methcd were carried out on each sample for the examination followed by calculation of xasitic eggs using McMaster counter plate. The result were summari-l as follow.

1 .Fftal contamination of porcine ooccidia was mcet evident i.e 17.3 8% (YS20), followed by Tridiuris suis, 7.7% (4 0/520), Strongyloides ransomi, 3.1% (16/520), Ascarops spg 1.2% (6/520). Least evident was Rha&Iitis suis, i.e. 0.3 8% (2.520).

2. Five out of 74 excreta (6.8%) were found tote contaminati by Oxcidia, only one of them could ke sporulated.

3.There were no any kind of psrasit eggs or Occyst could ke found in the fishing pond fJ by the porcine excretr.


Intrapsrasitic Status 5’arasite Egg; Porcine Excreta