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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 11

AHRI report No.11


Studies on Control Program Against Streptococcus Agalactiae Mastitis in Taiwan-(Ⅰ) A Preliminary Study 

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author T.C. Chiu

At the suburban of Taij five farms (298 cows) were chosen for the mastitis control program, In the teatl groug the farrris were managed with stick hygiene condition and the teat was dipping with antiseptol, when the udder was affa1 with clinical mastitis or with streptccxcus aga]actiae, it was treated with se]es antibiotics, The control group has never given any srecial treatment. This program has 1ff n esb1ishal for? months. The frrncy of mastitis is control group was 14.40%, whether in treated group was 5.51%, Steptoccccus agge]actiace infection was in rate of 55.5%, in the control group with cornparai to 6.12% in treati group. ln treati farms, Streptcoxc-us agalactiae was evadicated from 2 farms


Streptccoccus agaiactiae; suburban; Mastitis