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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 20

AHRI report No.20


The Production and Test of Toxoplasma Antigen for Diagnosis of Swine-Dried Glutaraldehyde Treated Sheep Erythrocyte Antigen


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institite


S.C. Liao;Y.H. YangJ.S. Cheng


In this experiment, two batches of toxoplasma antigen wree produced to diagnoze swine; 200 sows and 279 fattening pigs were tested. When the Japanses B. D. B. antigen is compared with tannic acid treated antigen, no significant difference was observed between the B. D. B. antigen and tannix acid treated antigen. The positive H. A. rates of the B. D. B. antigen were 9.5% for the
sows and 3.2% for the fattening pigs; the positive H. A. rates of our antigen were 60% for sows and 2.58% for fattening pigs. According to these data, our glutaraldehyde treated antigen could diagnoze swine toxoplasma accurately. In addition, ourantigen, could be stored at 4? for at least 370 days without losing its antigenicity


Toxoplasma Antigen; GlutaiildthydeB. D. B. antigen