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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 13

AHRI report No.13


Studies on the Rapid Diagnosis of Swine Vesicular Disease 

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institut
Author S.S. IA; W,C Ho; T.S. Huang; 5K. Wan

For detecting swine vesicular disease (SVD) antigen, imxnunofluorescerice tuiinique was xecommelidd. However, both-double immuno-diffusion (I) II)) and serum neutralization test (SN’!) could 1e also appliel for the diagnosis and sexological survey of SVD. DII) was less sensitive than SNTindetectingSVD antilyxly. DID were “‘v itrformei in parallel with SNTinatotalof 131 serum samples. 49of 131 sea (37.4%) showal positive in DID. None of 21) sera with serum neut’aiization titers equal or lower 1:4 was pz€itive in DID. Qnversely, none of 36 sea with sewn neutto titers of 1:128 or higherwas negativein DID.


Vesicular Disease; sewn neutralization test; DID