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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 1

AHRI report No.01


Supplementary Report on the Treatment of Swine Stephanuriasis


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author J.K.Huang T.K.Chang

1.Of34hfpigsus1inthisexerimen3 (14.7%)Inoamenegativeto urinary examination for erasiie-eggs and the others showei deatase in the nunker of Parasite-eggs aft the treatment.

2.The rasite-eggs ctuld not ke found in the urine in 4 to

3.3 days aft the treatment, 3.No side reaction was found by the treatment.

4.The drug was not harmful in the early and middle stages of ueancy.


Swine Stephanuriasis Parasite-eggs