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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 20

AHRI report No.20


STUDIES ON BOVINE MYCOPLASMOSIS IN TAIWAN:ⅠIsolation and Identification of Mycoplasmatales


1.Taiwan Animal Hlth Research lnstitnt
2.Dertnnt of Vealnary Mdicine, National University
3.(luncil for Agricultiral Planning and Development, Ex&utiw Yuan


JF. Su1SJ. Chen 1SJ. Liaw 13C Chengl;T.H. Fuli 1CL Uu2RC Lin3


A total of 290 nasalswabs were sampled from calves, healthy or with whgns of chronic respiratory distress, age between 2 to 6 months old, distributed to different daily farms from 13 districits of Taiwan. Of which, 102 strains belonged to mycoplasmatales were isolated (isolation rate: 35.17%) and identified, biochemical and serologically, as follows: 
Mycoplasma bovirhinis 35(strains)
M.group7 M.dispar 12
M. alkalesces 2 
Acholeplsma laidlawii 21 
A.moodicum 13
Besides, 4 unidentified strains of mycoplasma sp. were also ‘isolated from the conjunctival discharge of 22 cows with infectious bovine kerato-conjunctivitis4ikelesion.


Myocplasnata]e ; BOVINE MY(X)PLASMOSIS ; hicdiemical