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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 5

AHRI report No.05


Studies on an evaluation of Hog Cholera Antibody


Department Taiwan Animal Health Research bstitx
Author T.C, Un;Y.C, ChengH.S. YangC.F. tin

1 .Pig]eis can get fairly gcxd immunity and mainin it for abcut six months if they are vathnatl while their p3xental antitxxly titer is under x8

2.If the piglet are v&xinatl when their transfer antibx{y titer is higher than xl 6, they can not get a gcxDd immunity. And their fomerimmunity will daDrease gradually. Summary

3.After vaccination, if the piglet get the antibcdy titer higher than x8, they can withstand the clrallenge of the virulency Hog Cholera ALt) strain.
4.From the results of this study, itis noed, aketer immunity will 1:e gcducal when wevathnatethepig]ets 1 to2rnonthsafrthesixwee]rsage.


v&xination$og Cholera Pig]et