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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 16
Reportno. AHRI report No.16
Topic Preparation of Rose Bengal antigen and its application on diagnosis of bovine Brucellosis
Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author Y,S. Wu1appy.K. Shieli C.C. Lu

Pxep3ntion and standardization of a Rose Bengal antig(RBA). It is used on serologic test for diagnosis of bovine Brwellosis.

ll 500 negative serum samples of standard plate agglutination (SPA) test RBA test is negative. With 29 postive serum samples of serum agglutination take (SAfl test or/and cznpIement fixation (C?) test, the Rose Bengal t shows all sitive too. In 181 serum seinples with SPA test itive but SAT test negative Rose Bengal antigen test has only 4(2.2%) false psitive. Among 18 samples pcitive. The data demonstra J the Rose Bengal antigen has higher sensitivity and spDiflcity than SPA antigen.

Keyword Rose Bengal antigen ; bovine Brucellosis ; RBA