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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 20

AHRI report No.20


Studies on Escherichia coli Originated from Diarrhea of Suckling Piglets in Taiwan Ⅲ.Producibilities of Enterototxins and Vero eytotoxin


1.Taiwan Animal Health Research kisthute
2.School of Veterinary Mdicine and Animal Science, Kitasato University. Japan epartmen
3.Research ca for Veterinary Science, Kitasato kistibite. JAPAN


nl ; Tsuneo 1(13MB 2; Tsutornu HOHDATSU 3$hiro TSUBAKI 2


The main purpose of this study was the producibilities of the enterotoxins (LT & ST) and vero cytotoxin (VT). In this study, 127 strains of E. coli were used, which were isolated from the suckling piglets with diarrhea in Taiwan. The ratio of strains observed was 21.3 io in relation with the heat labile enterotoxin. These was little correlation of the producibilities between the LT or ST enterotoxins and the somatic or pili antigens of the E. coli strains. Furthermore, some strains without the producibilities of the LT, ST or VT were detected to possess 987p or K99 pili


Escheric]uia ccli; Veto cytotoxin; Entrotoxins