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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 1

AHRI report No.01


Study on the Anthelmintic Effect of Gastrointertinal Parasites of Fowl


Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institutu
2.Breding Stcck Farm of Taiwan sugar conny
Author J.K.Huang;tK.Chang

1 .me Experiment showerl that when young and adult chickens were adrninisklxd orally with duol and xylol at the dccc of 0.8cc. and 1 .&c. respectively, the tape worm and the ascaris wrld ke excxetl aft rr1ication.

2.The efficacy of removing the worm when adininisfrat orally once with 1uol and xylol was X57% for tape worm and 66.6% for ascaris. It had noeffattfcvrcaal worm, xylol was found tote ketter than toluol.

3.The si& reaction of toluol and

4.AfttheaxJministrationofxylol, the chickens excxetui tape worms in2houxs and ascxxis in4 hours. McstofthewormweieexcretIwithin48 hours.
Lb the comparative experiment, the efficacy of heornincck was found tote than toluol and xylol, hut the price of toluol and xylol was half of he]mincck.


Anththni.ntic Gastimtethal Parasi Toluol